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NEWPORT 9/17-20
MONACO 9/23-26
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Vessel reviews - starting this year, we will be publishing Yacht reviews in our private client area on vessels that we have visited.

Our team goes onboard hundreds of vessels a year, in all shapes and sizes. We do this as part of our ongoing market research so that we are better informed on the actual condition, hours and motivations of these vessels, so that we in turn can better advise our clients, who can then make an “Informed” buying (or Selling) decision.

These will be factual, unbiased, non-sales “fluff” overviews of the yachts, with pertinent information like engine hours, last haul-out, upcoming Classification surveys.

If you are a registered private client and want us to give you a no obligation review of a yacht(s) that you may be interested in, please fill out the form below.
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