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Top Yachts Sold 2014 - 80+

Yacht Name Type Length Builder Asking Price Month
Main Event Motor 26.50m Ferretti $5,900,000 December
Ocean Emerald Motor 41.00m Rodriquez € 5,500,000 December
Sai Ram Motor 52.00m Benetti $19,500,000 December
Matelot Sail 24.00m Southern Wind € 2,795,000 December
Dream Time Motor 24.30m Bayliss $8,990,000 December
Aglaia Sail 66.00m Vitters No Price December
Foot Loose Motor 28.90m Cheoy Lee $3,850,000 December
Versilcraft 28m Motor 28.00m Versilcraft $1,299,000 December
Charisma Motor 36.58m Danube Consulting $3,150,000 December
Xanadu Motor 26.20m Horizon $2,659,000 December
Ariela Motor 39.60m CRN € 5,500,000 December
R&M Motor 27.40m Pershing € 2,300,000 December
Playpen Motor 25.90m Pacific Mariner $4,995,000 December
L'Esperance Motor 28.27m Overmarine € 1,295,000 December
Rebel Motor 47.85m Trinity $16,950,000 December
L'Or Motor 30.20m Kvaerner € 920,000 December
Monica Motor 24.90m Viking $4,995,000 December
Kalunga II Motor 29.80m Riva € 3,500,000 December
Lady Silvia Motor 32.00m Azimut $7,295,000 December
Ultimate Taxi Motor 24.30m Hatteras $3,895,000 December
Current Issue Motor 27.40m Burger $2,200,000 December
Sea Fox Motor 30.48m Cheoy Lee $5,950,000 December
Cakewalk Motor 85.60m Derecktor € 119,000,000 December
Noheea Sail 25.05m De Schepper € 900,000 December
Inmocean Sail 41.00m Fitzroy Yachts € 7,500,000 December
Drumbeg Sail 42.90m Vitters € 10,950,000 December
Pure Pleasure Motor 25.00m Ocean Alexander $3,745,000 November
Caprice Motor 37.50m Oceanco $2,495,000 November
Project Falcon Motor 50.00m Codecasa No Price November
Trilogy Motor 27.43m Stephens Marine $695,000 November
Trisara Motor 39.62m Westport $9,995,000 November
Makarena Motor 29.50m Bilgin € 1,200,000 November
Safira Motor 39.32m Newcastle $24,950,000 November
Atlantica Atlantica Motor 29.10m Sanlorenzo € 2,900,000 November
HP 4 Motor 29.57m Hargrave $2,699,000 November
M&M Motor 28.60m Ferretti $2,999,000 November
Salute Sail 56.00m Perini Navi $35,000,000 November
Martello Motor 28.50m Astondoa € 1,600,000 November
Spike 1 Motor 34.10m Arno € 4,250,000 November
Maghreb V Motor 44.00m Burger $16,500,000 November
Echo Motor 39.00m Oceanfast $3,995,000 November
Mea Culpa Motor 42.40m McMullen & Wing $14,900,000 November
Lady Sarah Motor 25.90m Burger $2,400,000 November
Calliope Motor 32.31m Westport $3,495,000 November
Zig Zag Sail 24.99m Oyster £1,950,000 November
Destination Fox Harb'r Too Motor 49.90m Trinity $17,900,000 November
Island Time Motor 32.00m Broward $1,495,000 November
Stop the Press Motor 32.30m Lazzara $3,950,000 November
Noni Motor 29.80m Azimut € 1,850,000 November
Felicita West Sail 64.00m Perini Navi $25,000,000 November
Milk Money Motor 34.14m Westport $3,699,000 November
Mosafa Motor 26.49m Azimut € 1,200,000 November
Elegance 90 Motor 27.43m Horizon Yachts € 2,295,000 November
Apostrophe Motor 39.70m Hakvoort € 21,500,000 November
La Sella del Diavolo Sail 32.60m NAC € 7,250,000 November
Mady III Motor 34.80m Couach Yachts € 2,900,000 October
Carl Linne Sail 32.30m Holland Jachtbouw € 3,950,000 October
Island Waters Motor 25.30m Fairmile $249,000 October
Bar-Co Motor 25.80m Geta Corp € 490,000 October
Ocean Victory Motor 75.75m Feadship € 120,000,000 October
Petrus Motor 32.90m Sanlorenzo € 4,900,000 October
Perfect Persuasion Motor 45.73m Oceanfast $8,000,000 October
Phoenix Motor 26.30m Moonen € 1,900,000 October
By Grace Motor 33.50m Broward $1,795,000 October
Odysseus of Ithaca Motor 27.03m Ferretti $1,490,000 October
That's Amore Motor 27.00m Arno $950,000 October
Mercedes Motor 24.30m Sunseeker $3,500,000 October
Kivircik Motor 36.50m Mengi-Yay € 5,700,000 October
Bolero Sail 32.50m Bolero Yachts € 2,200,000 October
Namaste Motor 40.00m Tamsen Yachts € 7,500,000 October
Garuda Sail 30.48m Nautor's Swan € 1,550,000 October
Cajun Dancer Motor 34.14m Westport $3,995,000 October
Silent Wings II Motor 31.70m Derecktor $1,145,000 October
Dama de Noche Sail 25.00m Oyster £2,500,000 October
Passe Partout Sail 42.00m Jongert € 5,750,000 October
Rice Quarters Motor 30.48m Hatteras $3,999,000 October
Sheriff Motor 28.04m Hatteras $1,375,000 October
Alithia Sail 39.80m Abeking & Rasmussen € 6,000,000 October
Migration Motor 26.20m Hatteras $2,995,000 October
Tenaz Sail 40.00m Pendennis £4,995,000 October
Miss Michelle Motor 40.00m Westport $15,950,000 October
Jana Motor 46.33m Feadship $8,995,000 October
Argo Motor 32.92m Sunseeker $3,999,999 October
Ohana Motor 33.48m Overmarine € 2,800,000 October
Harmony Motor 49.98m Westport $33,750,000 October
Arrigoderci Motor 29.00m Horizon $3,595,000 October
Latiko Motor 33.50m Benetti € 4,750,000 October
Remember When Motor 48.77m Christensen $29,995,000 October
JW Motor 39.62m Westport $9,995,000 October
Don't Worry Motor 35.00m Crescent $2,595,000 October
Solemates Motor 60.00m Lürssen € 57,500,000 October
Azimut Grande Motor 31.04m Azimut € 8,127,550 October
Gatsby Motor 26.87m Sunseeker € 3,200,000 September
Sidarta Motor 38.00m Haak € 3,400,000 September
Sprezzatura Motor 30.30m Witsen & Vis € 880,000 September
Escapade Motor 31.40m Azimut € 5,800,000 September
Sea Breeze Motor 31.00m Kaiserwerft € 2,900,000 September
Endless Summer Motor 28.00m Paragon $2,590,000 September
Margarita Motor 28.04m Rayburn $5,495,000 September
Happy Hour Motor 35.00m ISA € 2,500,000 September
Zefir Motor 31.00m Azimut € 3,900,000 September
Tiffany Motor 25.00m Astondoa $1,090,000 September
First White Motor 24.30m Sunseeker € 475,000 September
Fourteen Motor 24.30m Sunseeker £499,999 September
Lady Laura of London Motor 24.30m Sunseeker £2,195,000 September
After You Motor 39.60m Horizon € 6,700,000 September
Al Madhoub Motor 35.00m Benetti € 3,950,000 September
Piano Bar Motor 47.85m Picchiotti $3,400,000 September
Ayoushka Motor 28.00m Benetti € 475,000 September
Coyote Motor 24.99m Sanlorenzo € 2,190,000 September
Touch Motor 36.60m Louisbourg $4,995,000 August
Viking 82 Motor 24.99m Viking $4,695,000 August
Yasemi Motor 25.50m Posillipo € 1,900,000 August
Nuberu Nau Sail 28.45m CNB € 1,450,000 August
Yeratel G Motor 39.62m Westport $8,900,000 August
Natalia Motor 36.60m Palmer Johnson € 5,400,000 August
Thalia Sail 48.40m Vitters $6,000,000 August
Estel Motor 26.97m Arno € 1,300,000 August
Sunseeker 40m Motor 40.05m Sunseeker No Price August
Matica Motor 32.00m Moonen No Price August
Blue Papillon Sail 29.73m Jongert € 3,000,000 August
Fantasia Nord Motor 24.90m Sunseeker € 1,250,000 August
Illusion Motor 88.80m Pride Yachts $99,500,000 August
Midnight Sun II Motor 36.45m ISA € 3,400,000 August
Pestifer Motor 65.00m Feadship € 69,750,000 August
Trilogy Motor 31.39m Broward $995,000 August
Hope Motor 27.40m Palmer Johnson $2,450,000 August
Kiss Motor 47.50m ISA € 12,900,000 August
Ziacanaia Motor 31.00m Ferretti € 2,390,000 August
Inclination 1 Motor 27.00m Maiora € 750,000 August
Cara Maria Sail 31.70m Jongert $3,950,000 August
Chimera Sail 31.21m Alloy $4,900,000 August
Columbus Sport Motor 40.00m Palumbo € 15,500,000 August
Natalita III Motor 30.50m Azimut $1,395,000 August
Orca Explorer Motor 24.33m Hatteras $3,995,000 August
Charade Motor 48.88m Feadship $13,900,000 August
Tribu Motor 50.50m Mondo Marine € 11,900,000 August
Satu Motor 27.50m Yachting Developments $9,995,000 August
Bojangles Motor 30.69m Falcon Yachts € 1,490,000 August
Joker Motor 34.10m Arno € 2,900,000 August
Svea Motor 27.00m Arno € 725,000 August
Zigzag Sail 27.71m Nautor's Swan € 5,250,000 August
Dolce Motor 27.90m Azimut $1,249,000 August
Ann G Motor 35.53m Azimut € 4,000,000 July
Breath of Horus Sail 32.50m Jongert € 4,450,000 July
Mary Jean Motor 49.82m Campanella $11,900,000 July
Evil Zana Motor 39.90m Sunseeker € 7,950,000 July
Olah Motor 47.50m ISA € 11,800,000 July
Primadonna Motor 34.10m Westport $6,250,000 July
Auspicious Motor 50.80m Mondo Marine € 18,900,000 July
Sailbad the Sinner Motor 25.60m Northcoast $1,599,000 July
Alfa Quattro Motor 24.72m Sunseeker No Price July
NO.9 Motor 34.53m Sunseeker £9,800,000 July
Bluff Motor 28.00m Sunseeker No Price July
Black Diamond Motor 28.40m Sunseeker £3,250,000 July
Line Drive Motor 34.10m Westport $4,500,000 July
D'Natalin Motor 46.00m Delta Marine $6,600,000 July
Hakuna Matata Motor 24.40m Overmarine $850,000 July
Psyrax Sail 31.12m Van Dam Nordia € 2,950,000 July
Crescent 144 Motor 43.90m Crescent $14,500,000 July
Pink Shrimp Motor 32.00m Jemison $4,250,000 July
Martlet Motor 25.10m Sunseeker € 990,000 July
To Life Motor 24.30m Lazzara $2,150,000 July
Vespucci Motor 30.50m CRN € 900,000 July
Alexander Two Motor 41.00m Mondo Marine € 8,800,000 July
Paloma Motor 30.00m Sunseeker € 3,800,000 July
Mariellina Gio Gio Motor 43.00m Arno € 4,000,000 July
Elena B Motor 26.60m Cantieri di Pisa € 1,800,000 July
St Vitamin Motor 37.40m Astondoa € 5,000,000 July
Misunderstood Motor 40.00m Overmarine € 9,200,000 July
Paradigm Motor 35.05m Benetti $5,000,000 July
First Episode Motor 25.00m Per Mare € 700,000 July
Capella C Motor 59.00m Scheepswerft Pot $4,990,000 July
Banyan Motor 36.58m Benetti $8,950,000 July
Red Sky Motor 28.10m Guy Couach € 880,000 July
Sokar Motor 63.70m Codecasa $15,900,000 July
Jaan Motor 25.00m Falcon Yachts € 385,000 July
Ithaka Sail 26.70m Jongert € 3,950,000 July
Heritage III Motor 38.00m Broward $7,595,000 July
Astrelle Motor 26.00m Broward $695,000 July
Boriken Motor 24.83m Weaver Boats $3,995,000 July
Diablo Blanco Motor 32.89m Sunseeker $4,710,475 July
Beegham Motor 40.00m Sunseeker No Price July
Golden Eye Motor 34.10m Westport $5,900,000 June
Annoula Motor 24.90m Hatteras $420,000 June
Lady Val Motor 28.90m Northcoast $1,800,000 June
Duke Motor 24.30m Canados € 790,000 June
Mao Motor 39.50m Overmarine € 9,200,000 June
Fortaleza Motor 25.90m Inace $2,750,000 June
Pomboo Motor 25.60m Monte Fino $2,350,000 June
Larissa Motor 38.63m Sunseeker $11,950,000 June
Ecstasea Motor 86.00m Feadship No Price June
Laura J Motor 27.43m Custom $1,595,000 June
Johnson 105 Motor 32.00m Johnson Yachts $6,200,000 June
Cynthia Motor 35.38m Burger $9,600,000 June
Jubel Motor 30.50m Astondoa € 1,700,000 June
Dark Knight Motor 26.43m Sunseeker £3,495,000 June
Rasselas Motor 62.00m Feadship $57,500,000 June
Kampai Motor 27.90m Overmarine $2,500,000 June
Vanquish Motor 36.50m Palmer Johnson € 5,850,000 June
Pacific 85 Motor 26.00m Cammenga € 795,000 June
Triple Attraction Motor 30.40m Hatteras $4,195,000 June
Infinity Motor 28.94m Moonen $5,250,000 June
Adventurer Motor 28.70m Burger $1,280,000 June
Mystique Motor 50.29m Oceanfast $8,900,000 June
Odyssey Motor 41.10m Feadship $14,000,000 June
Seaflower Motor 40.00m Feadship € 16,500,000 June
Horizon E88 Motor 27.24m Horizon $6,400,000 June
Horizon E88 Motor 27.24m Horizon $6,400,000 June
Horizon E88 Motor 27.24m Horizon $6,400,000 June
Horizon E88 Motor 27.24m Horizon $6,400,000 June
White Gold Motor 25.10m Sunseeker £950,000 June
Bunny Motor 31.00m Sunseeker £1,795,000 June
Noon Tease Motor 25.00m Alalunga € 500,000 June
Lady Diane II Motor 36.60m Sovereign $2,750,000 June
Firouzeh Motor 37.00m ISA € 5,850,000 June
Matanthar Motor 30.00m Heesen € 2,250,000 June
Domani Motor 44.20m Benetti $13,750,000 June
Liquidity Motor 31.09m Broward $595,000 June
Lady Sheila Motor 44.00m Benetti $15,900,000 June
Star Sapphire Motor 35.60m Bilgin $3,490,000 June
Northern Spirit Sail 37.00m Perini Navi € 4,950,000 June
Pegasus V Motor 79.00m Royal Denship $84,900,000 June
Anastasea II Motor 35.90m Overmarine € 9,900,000 June
Jurata Star Motor 26.00m Riva € 2,400,000 June
South Motor 53.30m Rossi Navi € 21,900,000 June
Dimmidisi Motor 25.05m Overmarine € 800,000 June
Parsifal IV Sail 56.00m Perini Navi € 26,500,000 June
Robusto Motor 42.90m Lloyds Ships € 5,000,000 June
Amitie Motor 30.78m Hargrave $5,495,000 June
Tuscan Sun Motor 44.80m Izar $19,950,000 June
Business Motor 24.99m Viking $4,399,000 June
Hardworking 2 Motor 27.00m Arno € 1,200,000 May
Altair Sail 27.71m Nautor's Swan € 5,500,000 May
Hero Motor 31.10m Falcon Yachts € 2,850,000 May
Aslec 3 Motor 32.00m Castagnola € 1,950,000 May
Palmyre Sail 24.75m Holland Jachtbouw € 1,950,000 May
Phantom Motor 28.00m Sunseeker £3,850,000 May
Obrigado Motor 29.87m MCP $3,250,000 May
Blue Angel Motor 34.00m Arno € 2,750,000 May
Eleven Eleven Motor 26.00m Ocean Alexander $3,595,000 May
Mi Sueno Motor 57.90m Trinity $36,950,000 May
Cyclos III Sail 42.35m Royal Huisman € 2,750,000 May
Y II Sail 37.00m Holland Jachtbouw € 10,500,000 May
Sea Dweller Motor 45.72m Heesen € 9,950,000 May
White Cloud Motor 67.30m Feadship $10,900,000 May
4H Motor 38.50m Sanlorenzo € 9,950,000 May
Champneys Motor 24.97m Sunseeker € 925,000 May
Carbon Copy Motor 24.90m Pacific Mariner $2,250,000 May
Monte Carlo Motor 40.23m Amels $3,950,000 May
MTG Motor 27.40m Pershing $4,995,000 May
Solar Motor 26.00m Arcadia Yachts € 2,600,000 May
Crystal Motor 33.80m Deep Sea Marine $1,495,000 May
William Tai Sail 40.67m Royal Huisman € 8,750,000 May
Horizon E88 Motor 27.24m Horizon $6,980,000 May
Hilarium II Motor 45.70m Feadship $9,650,000 May
Alcanara Sail 29.10m Steve Ward € 5,800,000 May
Bac O Booc Motor 26.52m Oceanfast $1,795,000 May
Tranquility Motor 39.60m Hatteras $4,390,000 May
Situations Motor 30.48m Broward $1,250,000 May
Camelot Motor 37.50m Royal Huisman $695,000 May
QM of London Motor 50.00m Benetti € 9,950,000 May
Admiral 37 Motor 37.00m Admiral Tecnomar No Price May
Makira Motor 43.00m Italyachts € 9,500,000 May
Kahu Motor 37.00m Whangerai $2,900,000 May
Deema Motor 28.60m CRN € 630,000 May
Coconuts Motor 31.75m Benetti € 8,000,000 May
Nero Motor 90.10m Corsair € 39,950,000 May
Play the Game Motor 28.15m Sunseeker No Price May
Meander Motor 24.76m Northern Marine $3,250,000 May
Ohana Motor 46.90m Admiral Marine $10,900,000 May
Imagination Motor 47.00m Benetti € 16,500,000 May
Nara Motor 60.55m Feadship € 9,900,000 May
Paraffin Motor 60.10m Feadship € 39,750,000 May
Lady Janet Motor 47.85m Christensen $23,900,000 May
Waterford Motor 33.52m Hatteras $2,795,000 May
Ti Voglio Tanto Bene Motor 41.46m ISA € 6,900,000 May
Wind Song VI Motor 31.09m Astondoa € 2,900,000 May
Sarsen Motor 69.00m n/a $7,000,000 May
Aleksandar Motor 26.48m Sunseeker € 2,850,000 May
My-Chelle Motor 36.50m Sovereign $3,495,000 May
Sea Jewel Bravo Motor 36.00m Trinity $5,500,000 May
Coup de Foudre Motor 28.00m Couach Yachts € 690,000 April
Lea Motor 48.50m Anastassiades € 440,000 April
Inevitable Motor 31.30m Westship $4,500,000 April
Elsa B Motor 24.00m Burger $995,000 April
Alea II Motor 27.50m Canados € 1,490,000 April
C.2232 Sail 60.00m Perini Navi No Price April
Keewaydin Sail 33.53m Palmer Johnson $2,975,000 April
Hanseat IV Sail 24.60m Austral Yachts € 950,000 April
Cartouche Motor 30.50m Couach Yachts € 1,295,000 April
Ngoni Sail 29.65m Baltic Yachts € 2,800,000 April
Madcap Motor 30.05m Palmer Johnson $3,500,000 April
Endeavour Motor 25.60m Princess $1,499,000 April
Stellar Motor 39.62m Westport $12,995,000 April
Grits Motor 24.40m Offshore $3,850,000 April
Carpe Diem Motor 35.05m Crescent $3,995,000 April
Deep Blue Motor 35.96m Brooke Marine $1,450,000 April
Phaedra I Motor 24.00m Benetti Sail Division € 1,395,000 April
Cherish Motor 33.80m Broward $1,785,000 April
Issana Motor 55.50m Feadship € 28,000,000 April
Equinox II Motor 24.30m Cheoy Lee $999,000 April
Limerick Motor 25.30m Burger $849,000 April
Madsummer Motor 44.65m Feadship $27,500,000 April
Abbracci Motor 34.70m Broward $3,250,000 April
Crescendo Motor 24.38m Ocean Alexander $2,495,000 April
Wishes Granted Motor 25.00m Horizon $1,750,000 April
Ginerva Motor 35.62m Tecnomar € 3,100,000 April
Serenity Motor 35.35m Lazzara $7,485,000 April
Inevitable Motor 49.80m Feadship $16,250,000 April
Mar Motor 49.90m Ortona Navi € 13,500,000 April
Bacarella Motor 60.00m Trinity $32,500,000 April
Why Worry Motor 39.60m Maiora € 7,500,000 April
Sea Mystery Motor 28.15m Sunseeker No Price April
Excellence Motor 45.70m Richmond $18,995,000 April
Big Star Motor 50.00m McMullen & Wing $30,000,000 April
Silver C Motor 33.53m Lazzara $4,995,000 April
Wanderlust Motor 36.00m Denison $849,000 April
Gitana Sail 34.00m Derecktor $4,800,000 April
Sea Bee I Motor 29.57m Hargrave $3,199,000 April
Maretem Motor 32.90m Sunseeker € 3,300,000 April
Ocean Alexander 90 Motor 27.40m Ocean Alexander No Price April
Ocean Alexander 90 Motor 27.40m Ocean Alexander No Price April
Ocean Alexander 90 Motor 27.40m Ocean Alexander No Price April
White Knight Motor 46.33m Chediek € 3,750,000 April
Ramses Motor 43.20m Feadship $4,950,000 April
Aqua Libra Motor 37.00m Sunseeker $11,000,000 April
Luna Motor 115.00m Lloyds Werft No Price March
Medici Motor 32.90m Overmarine € 1,950,000 March
Sixty Five Motor 25.07m Overmarine $1,890,000 March
Carmen Marie Motor 24.30m Lazzara $2,775,000 March
Illusion I Motor 46.05m Benetti € 22,000,000 March
Alpha Motor 45.42m Newcastle $11,000,000 March
Desire Motor 27.00m Ferretti € 3,800,000 March
Lady Victoria Motor 27.60m Sanlorenzo € 4,200,000 March
CNG Motor 25.00m Sunseeker € 1,300,000 March
Valquest Sail 40.00m Bloemsma Van Breemen € 12,950,000 March
Alye Parusa Sail 27.00m MAG € 300,000 March
H2ome Motor 24.38m Hatteras $5,950,000 March
Hamilton Sail 30.48m Green Marine €120,00,000 March
Lucy Belle Motor 27.40m Ocean Alexander $5,995,000 March
Sea Vector Motor 24.38m Lazzara $1,795,000 March
Sea Comet Sail 30.00m Neta Marine € 890,000 March
Boundless Motor 29.87m Inace $7,595,000 March
Endless Summer Motor 38.70m Lloyd's Ship $3,375,000 March
Krisujen Motor 38.40m Feadship $4,500,000 March
Capri Motor 45.00m Admiral € 19,500,000 March
Mosafa Motor 26.21m Azimut € 2,100,000 March
Lazy Z Motor 51.40m Oceanco $12,900,000 March
Monarch II Motor 26.50m Johnson Yachts € 1,300,000 March
Souvenir Motor 27.40m Queenship $1,895,000 March
Xanadu R Motor 26.20m Horizon $2,600,000 March
Blue Moon Motor 24.30m Hatteras $2,999,000 March
Song of the Sea Sail 34.14m Nautor's Swan $5,995,000 March
In the Market Motor 25.00m Viking $4,789,000 March
Top Dog Motor 29.50m Hargrave $3,199,000 March
Canica Sail 42.93m Baltic Yachts € 9,950,000 March
Blue Belle Motor 40.50m Mondo Marine € 5,700,000 March
Sapphire Motor 50.00m Trinity $22,880,000 March
Med Spirit Sail 27.46m Boat Speed € 650,000 March
Alumercia Motor 37.69m Heesen € 9,995,000 March
Lady Luck Motor 30.00m Sanlorenzo € 2,200,000 March
The Rock Motor 26.50m Hershine $649,000 March
Zakouska Motor 26.50m Warren Yachts € 2,950,000 February
Deseo Motor 34.00m Sunseeker $11,995,000 February
Sharq Motor 49.90m Overmarine € 28,000,000 February
Jessica Motor 25.00m Horizon $2,250,000 February
Sigrun Motor 36.58m Broward $4,195,000 February
Satori Motor 49.80m Heesen € 27,900,000 February
Golden Spur Motor 28.00m Paragon $3,195,000 February
Betty Jane Motor 34.14m Westport $5,495,000 February
La Sirena Motor 27.50m Broward $495,000 February
Benetti Vision Motor 45.00m Benetti No Price February
Amarella Motor 25.30m Inace € 1,600,000 February
Ineke IV Motor 39.60m Lloyd's Ship € 2,200,000 February
Project Azuro Motor 49.80m Heesen No Price February
Shooting Star Motor 38.00m Danish Yachts € 14,500,000 February
Icon Motor 62.00m ICON Yachts € 45,000,000 February
Phoenix Motor 39.60m Davie Shipbuilding $2,350,000 February
Feelin' Free Motor 34.14m Westport $8,990,000 February
Andrea V Motor 25.00m Horizon $2,450,000 February
Thalyssa S Motor 34.16m Ferretti € 4,200,000 February
Five Waves II Motor 26.80m Azimut $1,655,000 February
Absolutely Motor 24.30m Trans World $2,349,000 February
Princess Lily Motor 24.91m Princess £3,600,000 February
Hayken Motor 44.00m Heesen Yachts € 20,500,000 February
Quattroelle Motor 88.00m Lürssen No Price February
Bootlegger Motor 24.00m Sunseeker € 1,300,000 February
Ulysses Motor 59.70m Trinity Yachts $36,500,000 February
Bops Motor 30.80m Hargrave No Price January
Sun Shine I Motor 37.00m Couach Yachts No Price January
Aminah Motor 35.05m Benetti € 5,900,000 January
Cloud 8 Motor 25.00m Horizon $2,150,000 January
Monokini 2 Motor 26.02m Riva € 2,950,000 January
Onyx Motor 38.50m Sanlorenzo € 9,900,000 January
Far Niente Motor 35.36m Hatteras $3,600,000 January
Ferretti Custom Line Motor 30.40m Ferretti € 8,960,000 January
O'Khalila Motor 45.70m Palmer Johnson € 8,500,000 January
Private Lives Motor 36.58m RMK $7,950,000 January
O'Pari Motor 42.00m Intermarine € 2,950,000 January
Grand Coroto Motor 35.10m Benetti $5,800,000 January
Sunseeker 80 Motor 24.40m Sunseeker £3,600,000 January
Won Buy Land Motor 30.40m Broward $1,995,000 January
Darwin class Motor 29.00m Cantiere delle Marche € 8,200,000 January
No 9 Motor 28.14m Sunseeker £4,250,000 January
Contrarian Motor 32.00m Broward $1,795,000 January
Ar-De Motor 30.40m Burger $2,395,000 January
Antinea Motor 43.28m Sterling € 5,490,000 January

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